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Ewing Publication is a publishing house and a subsidiary of Mason Ewing Corporation, based in the United States. It was founded in September 2019 by Mason Ewing, who was recognized as the world’s first visually impaired fashion designer and film producer!

During his childhood, marked by abuse and mistreatment, books allowed him to escape, live other lives, and elevate his dreams. Naturally, this led him to develop a publishing house.

In addition to offering biographies, comic books, and children’s books, the publishing house aims to diversify and provide a range of works of all kinds, including adventure crime novels, science fiction, and a specialized manga magazine like the Mag’ison journal. This is the mantra of Mason and MEC: all genres deserve recognition!

We are excited to present, for the first time, a collection called The Adventures of Madison, an exclusive from Ewing Publication. You will discover the world of Baby Madison, an 11-month-old half-angel, half-human infant living in the city of Jonathanland, California. Whether it’s his adventures with his baby friends or other escapades introducing you to other characters in his city, you will uncover a wonderful world filled with mysteries!

Ewing Publication also places great importance on sharing values through its books, such as living together in harmony, mutual aid, respect for people with disabilities, and the fight against racism and discrimination.

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