Eric April

Eric April - Portrait


Eric April is a young actor, born on April 11, 1998, in the suburbs of Paris. In his childhood, he moved around a lot with his parents. Passionate about cinema, he wasn’t ready to start an acting career yet. At age 18, he decided to become independent by getting an apartment in a university residence. But at the back of his mind, he kept his eye on the prize: to make movies. While studying for a degree in physics at university, Eric continued going out on casting calls. The road to success is long, and Eric writes poems to express his frustration. For him, it’s a healthy outlet and salvation, as he waits to be hired for a role. In June 2021, he met the team of production company EPP, a subsidiary of the Mason Ewing Corp. From their exchanges, a collaboration is formed. EPP advises him to dedicated himself entirely to the artistic world to achieve his dream. Eric April then published his first book, The Storms of Suffering!

Next step, Eric will fly to Los Angeles, film capital of the world, and tap into American creative energy!

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