Louis Lopez

Louis Lopez - Portrait


Louis Lopez, a young model, actor, and author, was born on April 9, 2004. Passionate about reading, he possesses an infinite curiosity that his large heterochromatic eyes, filled with the soul of the little boy he has always been, reflect beautifully. His loved ones, charmed by his personality, affectionately nickname him “Lody.” For Louis, the Earth is a vast field of mysteries to explore.

After obtaining his high school diploma, he pursued a BTS in marketing and communication, but his heart beats for the artistic field. He dreams of walking the runways of fashion designers and gracing film sets. The year 2024 marks a decisive turning point for him. Inspired, he embarks on writing and creates his first children’s book, Who stole Geoffray’s waffles? Joining the Mason Ewing Corporation team, he presents his manuscript to their literary division. A few months later, his dream becomes reality with the publication of his book, a great source of pride for him.

Louis aspires to write more books, drawing inspiration from the many travels he plans to undertake around the globe. Through his experiences and stories, he wishes to offer children worldwide unforgettable literary adventures, taking them on extraordinary journeys through his pages.

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