Sarah Stone


Sarah Stone is a New Yorker with a passion for life, connections, and travel. A soul full of mystery, she likes to say, “I don’t seek to shine; we already have the sun for that. I’m just a great lover of art! Drawing is a talent, a beautiful legacy of life.” When asked where she’s from or how old she is, she often mischievously replies, “I’m just a Pisces: swimming is my destiny!”

Sarah loves sailing the seas with her husband, sometimes discovering hidden islands, the secret jewels of our planet. She has been drawing since childhood. While her teachers gave their lessons, Sarah escaped into an imaginary world, delighting in the idea that she is the female version of Peter Pan.

For over thirty-five years, her passion for drawing has never waned. To her, drawing is a way to make children dream and to share her joy of life. She loves introducing herself to publishers with these words: “Nice to meet you, I’m Sarah Stone. Welcome to my world full of mysteries.”

This phrase perfectly captures the poetic and enigmatic nature of Sarah, an artist whose work and life are a continuous celebration of art and the beauty of the world around us.

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