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The Literary Radiance: The Supreme Madison Gold Award


Madison Literary Art is a prestigious association created under the principles of the 1901 law. This project stems from the renowned publishing house Ewing Publication, headquartered in the United States, with branches extending across several nations including the United States, Cameroon, France, and many more. In 2023, the visionary CEO of Mason Ewing Corporation, Mr. Mason Ewing, conceived the idea of establishing a new institution dedicated to recognizing the most outstanding authors from the black community worldwide. He noticed with regret the absence of honorary distinctions for writers of the Afro-descendant diaspora. Reflecting on this, he became convinced that his continent, with its beauty and power, harbored exceptional literary talents that remained unjustly unrecognized among the younger generations in Europe, America, Asia, and even Oceania. Mr. Ewing believed that many African writers possessed a golden pen, yet it remained hidden in the shadows of widespread ignorance.

One morning, Mason finally decided to create this new association, which he named Madison Literary Art, an institution destined to grow in prestige over the years. The goal of Madison Literary Art is to spotlight young black African talents by awarding them the prestigious Madison Gold each year, a prize intended to be recognized by all publishing and journalism professionals. Always ready to take on challenges, Mason Ewing is convinced of the importance of nurturing hope, as his ambition is for Madison Gold to one day become as prestigious as the globally renowned Oscars. He decided to innovate by establishing a sort of round table within Madison Literary Art, bringing together nine professionals from the journalism and publishing world as well as passionate young readers, to bring a new brand and vision. Madison Literary Art also aims to highlight a new African country each year, carefully selected, to host the prestigious Madison Gold ceremony on its soil. When an African country is elected to host the prize each year, the Madison Literary Art round table team receives support from the state, media, sponsors, and financial partners. Over the years, all the presidents of each African country will receive a presentation dossier of Madison Literary Art. For CEO Mason Ewing, it is essential that the politicians leading the world’s most beautiful continent approve the cause of this prestigious event.

The Madison Gold is a prize that will be made entirely of 24-carat gold. Each year, this ceremony will be broadcasted in all countries worldwide. The round table members aim for this contest to be recognized beyond their continent, as they believe it will help open the minds of the Caucasian community worldwide. The round table circle wishes to highlight Africa as a magnificent continent, a rich and powerful cradle. The association already includes renowned personalities among its members. Notable members include the famous Cameroonian journalist Albin Michel Njilo Tappa, known for his expertise and dedication to Africa’s development. Louis Lopez, a young reading enthusiast, brings his sharp mind and passion for literature. The German-African cultural journalist Bob Barry enriches the group with his expertise. As for Mason Ewing, founder of the publishing house Ewing Publication and a prolific author, his presence illustrates the project’s importance and scope. Other prestigious personalities, such as Marilyse Gouaméné, a mangaka and collaborator at the Ministry of Youth in Côte d’Ivoire, complete this exceptional team.

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